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Native Eyez EP
  • "NATIVE EYEZ" [EP] is an international Hip Hop Education project composed of lyrics by Bronx native Intikana and original beats/live instrumentation by Queenz native Xen Medina. Features guest artists: M1 of Dead Prez, Divine RBG, Nene Ali, Ramon Serrano, and more. Additional production by Daudi "Daz" Bakari [S.U.A. - Saving Underground Artists in Tanzania, East Afrika], Reph [Circa 95], Ms. Quiet Groove, Mpire The Sire, and Classic Tone. Mixed & Mastered by Fred Ones (TME Studios in South Bronx). Includes singles: "CULTURE SHOCK" and "BORICUA GUERRERO."

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Master Cleanse EP
  • Intikana and DJ Charlie Hustle present: The "MASTER CLEANSE" [EP]. It explores the idea of cleansing ourselves from our masters or oppressors and currently features 8 Tracks Mastered by DJ Danny Dan The Beat Mann (Dusty Fingers) featuring Navegante, Explosión Suprema, El Tipo Este (Obsesión), Kalae All Day, and more! Includes singles: "ARIZONA" and "AMISTAD."

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  • PENUMBRA (defined as a shadow of a shadow) is the Hip Hop soundtrack to Intikana's one man show which autobiographically illustrates his life and confronts issues concerning family, social injustice, and self-identity. Includes single "WITHIN INDIGO." "Creative rhymes and wordplay...original expression." – Craig Streaman, Manager of TAXI [World's Leading Independent A&R Company]

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Corpus Callosum
  • CORPUS CALLOSUM is a collaborative concept album composed by Intikana, Jimmytheloch, and Zev. Includes Intikana's single "ANOXIA'S INERTIA" which voices the inescapable truths about cheap labor and sweatshops in 3rd World countries. "An ill defined production of tommy gun crossfire lyricism and amazingly layered songs," – Daniel Nierenberg, The Prescription: Music, Politics, Culture

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